Loudoun Second Saturday

Divorce Workshop for Women - Not Just on Saturday Anymore

Dusty Sparrow Reed

In the legal community, I'm known as a “pit bull”. That’s because I’m fearless, tenacious and not one to back down when (I think) I’m right. As one should be when in battle.

But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve been through a difficult marriage (apparently my ex has too). I’ve been through a contentious separation. I’ve filed for divorce. I’ve worried I would grow old and lonely. I’ve worried about supporting my children on limited income. I’ve worried - a lot - about what effect divorce will have on my kids. And I’ve worried about how God will judge my choices.

I know what it’s like. As a Christian. As a woman. As a parent. As someone with little financial means. And as someone who felt like I wasn’t in a position of power.

Flash forward to today. While I don’t take credit for my successes - because I cannot achieve anything outside the support and will of God - I will report that I am happily remarried to an amazing man. I have never once been without the means to support my kids. And most importantly, my kids are well-adjusted, no drama and totally normal (as normal can be) - because I have a great co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband.

You can’t be all pit bull and achieve that kind of balance in a difficult family situation. BUT, it does take the willingness to be a pit bull when its called for, plus the ability to see another’s point of view, and a desire to put the kids before self, before anger, before the need to be right. And a lot of prayers.

And I bring that same attitude and approach to my law practice. How I have conducted my life is a good indicator that my clients can trust me with theirs. I do what I do because I care about helping people emerge successfully from difficult situations. I genuinely believe this is my calling, and if I can help you, I’m here to serve.

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